Clear your mind of stress over the festive period !

This blog is going to be my top five tips to copying and managing stress over the Christmas session .

1) Exercise

You would be surprised how a simple five minute walk even around the garden can relieve stress. If you can spare a small amount of time first thing in the day try doing some simple stretches or yoga if you feel you can manage this. If not just walking up and down your street or round local park will allow your body to release the toxins and clear your thoughts. Where possible, try not to think about what you need to do the rest of day instead think happy thoughts of how beautiful the scenery around you is or the smell of the flower around you. You can even stop for a minute and just take a deep breath of fresh air and feel thankful for the good you have surrounding you in your life.


2) Writing and Reading

Writing down your thoughts and feelings gives a chance for your emotions to be released from your body. A good idea to try if it’s bad thoughts is once your done writing them down scrunch the paper up and throw it away. An alternative is to keep a journal of your daily routine this would allow you to look back and make any changes that may be highlighted and to include that much needed me time. Reading a book or magazine whichever you prefer gives your mind the chance to go to somewhere else outwith your life and to an alternative universe. This helps so many people to escape even just for little amount of time daily.


3) Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be done at any point no matter where you are. It is a simple technique to calm the nerves or for releasing the anger you are feeling inside. I personally use the 4-4-4 exercise. To do this place your hand on your diaphragm  (stomach), Inhale to the count of four, hold for four, then exhale to the count of four, repeat this process two to three times. If you find this too easy try doing 8 breaths instead of four with a hold of four seconds.


4) Meditations

Imagery for self-help is a fantastic way to to relax the mind, body and soul. I will now share with you a simple exercise which you can do before going to sleep , this will help you get the much needed sleep that can make all the difference to your health.

Start by picturing yourself in a safe place. This could be anywhere e.g on a beach, beside a waterfall or even in bed. Picture in your mind the details that these places have e.g sun, running water, a warm duvet and comfy pillow, birds singing. Take deep breaths in and out while doing this until you feel calm enough to open your eyes.


5) Creative kits

These are very useful for people with a creative mind who need things to distract themselves. For people who enjoy music this could be making a playlist of songs which make you feel happy and good about yourself. You can purchase kits online and in shops such as The Works for making creative projects that are simple and fun, these can range from making your own jewelery, Scraper foil pictures, sew your own pillow or blankets, mosaic and garden materials.


These tips can be used all year round to cope with difficulties you face and lifes challenges. Remember that no matter what anyone says to you, you’re doing the best you can and above everything else you matter. No matter the situation you are in nobody can tell you what to do or feel, everyone deals with things their own way. All we can do is adapt and keep on going and make our lives as easy for ourselves as humanly possible.


7 thoughts on “Clear your mind of stress over the festive period !

  1. Oh wow I love the creative kits idea, that’s something I’ve never thought of! I have PTSD and anxiety, so the holiday season has always been a time I actively engage in stress-reducing activities. I wrote a related blog, specifically geared towards people living with mental illness, so I absolutely love this take too, it’s very original!


    1. The creative kits are so good it’s amazing how doing them is a total distraction . Before you know it your alot calmer and relaxed due to the distraction. I’d be very interested in reading your blog


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