Mental Health and Professionals!

A major issue many people face who live on a daily basis with a mental health condition is health professionals . This could range from local GPS or services such as camhs or others who are trained in the field of mental health.

I personally feel that from talking to many other people including carers of all ages that an overall concensus of not enough is being done to improve things is strong.


A small start would be for each worker to be trained in mental health first aid which is only a few days of training and would mean they have learned how to cope in situations that people may come to them about it e.g suicidal thoughts, bereavement, anxiety and many other issues. An incentive for employers and the work force could be a charter mark to say they have delivered the training and are not prejudice/biased towards anyone with mental health issues.

Everyone who is in need of help should feel comfortable enough to reach out to the professionals who are there to help. I do not understand why younger people are treated as if they do not know how they feel or are told it’s just a faze or puberty. This causes so much harm to anyone told this as it puts bad thoughts and doubts into there head and in some situations sadly cause drastic outcomes. No one should ever feel that they need to end their life due to not receiving help which they badly need.


Simple measures such as a personal hello or talking to everybody the same as humans who have thoughts and feelings and not just a tick box would make a drastic change in so many lives.

Having a person for pupils to reach out to in schools who is trained and experienced in dealing with mental health would help alot of pupils reach their full potential and not feel isolated or pushed to the side. So many students leave full time education due to not being able to handle all the stress of exams and personal problems. Having an extra study period in a welcoming and relaxing environment, not assigned to a specific class to get extra help would make the difference between passing and failing for so many and most importantly the difference between coping and breaking down. This same prospect could be easily done in the work place by the employer noticing possible changes in behaviour or simple 5 minute conversation from time to time to make sure the employee is coping with everything going on. You would be truly surprised how much this changes people’s lives to feel part of the workplace/community/educational establishments.


While there is still much work needed to better services for mental ill health sufferers the scottish government has committed to invest an additional £150 million in mental health services and develop a ten year plan to transform mental health in scotland.




One thought on “Mental Health and Professionals!

  1. Most important of all – as the divorced mother of two sons with mental health issues – is a supportive family. One of my sons was victimised by his father (who was granted custody) and I had to intervene throught the courts. Another, whose illness only became evident in adult life, is still too ashamed to tell his father the truth. I lost custody of my three children because of my own mental health issues (depression, which hit after the third child was born). Living in a developing country doesn’t help! But we’re all pulling through …


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