Society and Anxiety

This blog is going to be about how I have dealt with my personal battle with Anxiety .

Many people in society deal with these issues on a daily basis and appear to be the happiest people in the world. This at times is due to people not having the confidence or will power to ask for help. Living in the society which we currently do now is very difficult at times as having any mental health issues is still seen at times as some sort of weakness or means you can’t be seen as the same person you were before.

Throughout my life I have not asked for help or talked about my issues as I did not want to be a burden on anyone or deal with constantly telling my story to others over and over again. This has probably caused more damage than good as I now have developed further issues which if I got the help i needed before my health issues may not have gotten.

The horror stories you hear on social media especially on sites such as Facebook result in many people coming forward and bringing their stories to the surface. As much as sharing your story with others going through the same thing can help please make sure to protect yourself and not join groups, pages or add people who could cause a bad influence on you. Sadly there are some people out there who pretend to suffer from many mental health problems which others who genuinely have these issues see and can result on harm or the person who is in genuine need of help not asking for it.

Anxiety is a difficult issue to get your head around as each persons triggers are different. It is important to try and recognise what sets you off and identify how best to deal with it. If its something such as going into a busy shopping centre try to go at times which are quieter e.g first thing in morning or in some stores they have specific times for people who may need quiet surroundings. Some people feel isolated and alone during their lives due to not being able to go out, this is an issue that I deal with on a daily basis but it is important to remember you don’t have to have a massive group of friends, having just one or two very close friends who know what’s going on is just as good.


I would highly suggest techniques such as doing the adult dot to dot colouring books to distract your mind for a while, believe me it is not just for kids, it is a great resource to have. Having a list of movies which lift your spirit when you are feeling down may seem like it won’t do any difference but it realises positive hormones in your body that result in you becoming happier. A popular list to have are Disney films you enjoyed growing up , favourite chick flicks or films that make you laugh everytime you see them . If your go to is music please make sure that the songs do not have hidden lyrics that could cause negative emotions make them songs that always get you dancing or singing along to them. Having a walk, jog or possibly yoga if your of the active type is also such a great way to forget your problems and enjoy the fresh air and surroundings that you are in.

No matter what you do in life may it be working , caring , unemployed/self employed or a student we all have stressful lives and have so many issues to deal with on a daily basis . Just remember to be careful about your surroundings and things that come out of your mouth . So many people say jokes about mental health that are very offensive or cause hurt to anyone that may hear this . Noone should feel like they do not belong in society we all have feelings, emotions and deal with issues regularly.


It’s time we all change the past and set an example for the future that it is  okay to be you and not have to compare yourself to others .


19 thoughts on “Society and Anxiety

  1. “It’s time we all change the past and set an example for the future” <- This. Thank you for letting people in to see what really goes on inside of a person battling anxiety.


  2. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with this post. I loved your suggestions as well. I absolutely agree with the image you posted that said, “Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure out everything at once.” This is definitely when I feel the worst. But just focusing on one thing at a time really helps.


  3. Thanks for opening up about your anxiety. I’ve dealt with it before too and having gone through it will never tell some one “just learn some destress techniques!” It’s definitely more than being stressed but having coping mechanisms is key.


  4. I took the step in sharing my struggles , and to step out and speak on my own battles with depression and anxiety. I find help in loving the small things and reading finding love in the things that keep my mind busy. I have my blog apart from my review one where I use it as a form to share my thoughts my life my struggles. It helps out a lot.


  5. Absolutely amazing insight into this form of mental illness and the stigma attached within society during this day and age. You are an inspiration to all in todays society. Your writing is truly professional.


  6. Great post, and really good suggestions. I hate that so many people feel they have to hide what they’re going through for fear of stigma. Hope everything goes really well for you in 2017!


  7. Thanks for sharing. I work full time, am a carer for my mum, new blogger and have anxiety! Sometimes getting out of bed and leaving the house is hard enough.

    You are right we should not be so hard on ourselves or compare ourselves to others.

    Really helpful tips in the post-thank you!


  8. I love these tips, especially the one about having a list of “go-to” movies that lift our spirits! That is one of my favorite ways to break out of a funk if I’m having a rough day or just need a little low-key “me” time. My go-to favorites are Clueless, The Holiday, Something Borrowed, and Bride Wars! (SO cheesy lol!) Thanks for sharing about your experience; it will help others dealing with the same things! ❤


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